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Kwaan Bear Technology (KBT) is a leading provider of specialized services to government clients. With experienced professionals who have served at all levels of government, we understand their unique needs firsthand. Our expertise spans IT consulting, software development, mission support, training, construction, and construction management, utilizing continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) best practices for reliable results. Collaborating with affiliated companies like Black Bear Technology, we bring a wealth of tools and capabilities to the table, ensuring transparent and client-responsive contracting.

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At KBT, we stay ahead of emerging technologies, delivering cutting-edge solutions to maintain a competitive edge. Our specialization in Information Access in Denied and Restricted Areas (IADRA) missions demonstrates our unique qualifications in supporting the flow of information and promoting civil society. With in-depth expertise in IADRA, including relevant technologies, policies, and inter-agency processes, we empower government clients to expand their capabilities effectively.

Alaska Native Corporation

At Kwaan Bear Technology (KBT), we are proud to be an Alaska Native Corporation (ANC) and hold the prestigious ANC 8(a) certification. This certification opens doors to significant opportunities in federal government contracting, allowing us to offer a streamlined and flexible procurement option to our government customers and business partners. As an ANC 8(a) certified company, we can provide sole-source contracting, leveraging the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) provisions to deliver exceptional performance, ensure mission continuity, and achieve Small Business goals.


Our team’s diverse experience within government agencies at all levels, both in and out of uniform, gives us a unique understanding of the challenges and complexities faced by government clients. With decades of expertise and a proven track record in delivering specialized services, we possess the knowledge and insights necessary to effectively support and exceed your expectations.


Our vicinity to DC for government synergy


As a federal government agency, partnering with Kwaan Bear presents an array of valuable benefits to optimize your mission success and streamline operations. With years of experience and extensive expertise in federal contracting, we grasp the intricate workings of government agencies. This ensures smooth interactions and efficient handling of bureaucratic processes, allowing you to focus on your mission-critical tasks.

Kwaan Bear excels in providing top-notch personnel in specialized fields, including Cyber Security/Information Assurance, Telecommunications Technicians/Engineers, Program & Mission Support, and more. Our carefully selected teams are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to tackle your most demanding challenges.

Strategic Proximity

Our location within 10 miles of Washington, D.C., offers you convenient access to a reliable partner nearby. We are readily available for face-to-face meetings, fostering open communication and collaboration whenever you need it.

Enhanced Contracting Opportunities

Leveraging our strategic location, Kwaan Bear is well-connected within the federal community. This opens doors to a wide range of contracting opportunities, ensuring your agency can work with industry-leading experts to drive your initiatives forward.

Swift Response and Flexibility

Time-sensitive projects demand swift responses. As a local partner, we offer agile and flexible solutions, enabling you to seize opportunities promptly. Count on us to be proactive and responsive to your agency’s unique needs.

Unrivaled Networking Opportunities

By joining forces with Kwaan Bear, you gain access to our vast network of key industry players and government influencers. These connections empower you with valuable insights, potential collaborations, and access to the latest trends and developments in the federal arena.

Meet The Team



Mr. Andres, a Principal of Kwaan Bear Technology, co-founded the organization during the height of the COVID Pandemic in 2020. As the founder of Black Bear Technology Solutions, he led its remarkable growth, recognized as the seventh fastest-growing small business in the Washington, DC Region in 2020. With over 25 years of entrepreneurial experience in IT, Kevin specializes in emerging technologies like Cyber Security, industrial control systems, blockchain analytics, and enterprise architecture. Holding degrees in Civil Engineering and various certifications in project management and information systems security, Kevin develops innovative technology solutions, prioritizing practical IT solutions for clients.



Chuck Wimberly is a seasoned executive and advisor with a proven track record of empowering management teams to achieve company goals. With expertise in federal contracting, corporate lobbying, and private equity, Chuck drives value and success. He excels in revenue growth, federal contracts, business turnaround, and strategic planning. Chuck’s leadership development skills and ability to foster collaboration have transformed organizations. With an MBA in International Business and Marketing and degrees in Biological Sciences and Plant Sciences, Chuck is recognized for his exceptional leadership. In his personal life, he enjoys fly fishing and is a passionate scuba instructor.

Curtis Rotan


As President of Kwaan Bear Technology, an SBA 8(a) Certified Small Disadvantaged Business and subsidiary of the Kake Tribal Corporation, Mr. Curtis Rotan brings over 20 years of expertise in IT Infrastructure/Telecommunications. With a successful track record in leading programs for esteemed entities like USASOC, US Air Force Network Systems, and DHS/FPS, his extensive experience in program management and telecommunications makes him a highly capable executive.

Holding a master’s degree in Program Management and a background in international law enforcement/security, Curtis effectively oversees Kwaan Bear Technology’s operations, ensuring exceptional leadership and success.

John Jaggers


Mr. John E. Jaggers brings extensive expertise in federal contracting, IT, federal agency operations, and complex federal programs. With a successful background as an Executive VP and Executive Capture Manager, he has led operations and executed programs across various federal agencies, driving growth in the federal market. Holding a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering degree, Mr. Jaggers possesses a diverse skill set in systems engineering, program management, regulatory analysis, and IT systems deployment. Throughout his career, he has successfully developed and secured business with numerous federal agencies, including the DoD, DoE, HHS, CMS, USDA, DoEd, and the IC.

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