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Elliott (Chuck) Wimberly

Chuck Wimberly is a seasoned executive and advisor with a focus on empowering and motivating management teams to achieve company goals. He serves as an Advisor to Black Bear Technology Solutions, WDT Financial, and Paanini, Inc., while also managing partner for Kwaan Bear Technical Solutions in Kake, Alaska. With a reputation for perceptive and diplomatic leadership, Chuck has an unmatched track record of increasing shareholder value through federal contracting, corporate lobbying, and private equity or venture capital investment.

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Throughout his career, Chuck has achieved remarkable results in revenue and profit growth, federal contracting, business turnaround, and mergers and acquisitions. He has led successful market diversification strategies, secured major federal contracts, and transformed organizations through strategic planning and operational improvements. Known for his leadership development skills, Chuck has rebuilt management teams and fostered a culture of collaboration and accountability.

Chuck’s educational background includes an MBA in International Business and Marketing from Friends University and degrees in Biological Sciences and Plant Sciences from Louisiana State University. He has received numerous accolades for his leadership and has actively contributed to professional associations and community organizations. In his personal life, Chuck enjoys pursuits such as fly fishing and is a passionate scuba instructor.

With his extensive expertise and proven leadership abilities, Chuck Wimberly continues to drive shareholder value and deliver exceptional results in the business world.

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