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At Kwaan Bear Technology (KBT), we are proud to be an Alaska Native Corporation (ANC) and hold the prestigious ANC 8(a) certification. This certification opens doors to significant opportunities in federal government contracting, allowing us to offer a streamlined and flexible procurement option to our government customers and business partners. As an ANC 8(a) certified company, we can provide sole-source contracting, leveraging the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) provisions to deliver exceptional performance, ensure mission continuity, and achieve Small Business goals.

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Our ANC 8(a) certification grants us accelerated procurement timelines, reducing disruptions and delays typically associated with complex source selection evaluations and potential protests. With this certification, we can offer cost-effective solutions by simplifying the steps and efforts required to execute contract actions. We prioritize accuracy, flexibility, and reliability through open discussions prior to award, competitive threshold exemptions, and shared management and administrative services within the Kwaan Technology family of companies.

By choosing KBT as your partner, you benefit from the elimination of pre-award schedule risks. Our ANC 8(a) sole-source procurements are non-challengeable, providing you with peace of mind and a seamless process. As an ANC 8(a) certified company, we are dedicated to promoting economic growth, diversity, and excellence within ANC communities. We are committed to being a trusted and reliable partner for government agencies and business partners, delivering exceptional results and contributing to the success of your projects.

At Kwaan Bear Technology, we combine our ANC 8(a) certification, extensive expertise, and genuine commitment to provide innovative solutions that meet your specific needs. Contact us today to explore how we can support your federal government contracting requirements and drive success together.


The Tlingit, an indigenous people of the Pacific Northwest Coast, embody a matrilineal society that thrived in the temperate rainforest of southeast Alaska and the Alexander Archipelago. Rooted in their deep connection with nature, the Tlingit’s cultural richness is evident in their complex hunter-gatherer practices, with a sustainable focus on fisheries management.

At Kwaan Bear Technology Solutions, we proudly stand as part of the Kake village corporation, driven by a shared commitment to support and uplift the Tlingit community. With profound respect for their traditions and values, we work collaboratively to empower the Tlingit people in their journey towards progress and prosperity. The Alaska Native village of Kake, enveloped by the natural wonders of the Tongass National Forest, serves as a testament to the Tlingit’s enduring heritage and the sacred harmony between this cherished community and its environment. Together, we celebrate and honor the timeless legacy of the Tlingit people, preserving their heritage for future generations.

Comparison: How ANC 8(a) contracting venefits stakeholders

Traditional 8(a) Authorities Limitations

  • Can receive sole source contracts up to $4M for service contracts (limited scale)
  • Contract constraints limit subcontracts
  • Protestable awards-which can add 3-6 months to actual contract start
  • 51% of contract value (except construction) must be awarded to 8(a) company

In the Traditional 8(a) Procurement Process, early steps from developing the SOW through contract discussions require major time investment-often requiring a 12-18 MONTH timeframe-and can increase likelihood of risk.

ANC 8(a) Authorities for Companies and Joint Ventures

  • Can receive sole-source contracts-up to $25M for civilian agencies; $100M for DoD components
  • Contract ceilings enable large-scale efforts and flexible subcontracting
  • Non-protestable awards
  • VANC Joint Ventures inherit ANC contracting authorities

The ANC Sole-Source Procurement Process precludes that cumbersome process, replacing it with a FAR-Approved SBA process that’s protest-proof-a critical advantage since most programs and contracts are protested, which can add 3-6 months to actual contract start. AN ANC CONTRACT CAN BE UNDERWAY IN DAYS.

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Sole-Source Contracting

The ANC 8(a) certification enables KBT to offer sole-source contracting opportunities to partners. This eliminates the need for complex source selection evaluations and potential protests, providing partners with an accelerated procurement timeline and a more efficient contracting process.


Access to Government Opportunities

KBT’s ANC 8(a) certification provides partners with enhanced access to federal government contracting opportunities. It opens doors to contracts and projects that are specifically set aside for ANC 8(a) certified companies, increasing the chances of securing lucrative government contracts and expanding business opportunities.


Streamlined Procurement

As an ANC 8(a) certified company, KBT offers a streamlined procurement process to potential partners. This means reduced procurement timelines, minimized disruptions, and a simplified path to contract execution, allowing partners to focus on their core objectives without unnecessary delays.

Cost Savings

By partnering with KBT, potential partners can benefit from reduced procurement costs. The ANC 8(a) certification streamlines the steps and efforts required to execute contract actions, resulting in cost savings for partners and maximizing the value of their investment.

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